Jim Egerton

Jim Egerton is the CEO of Business on the Board®, a leading-edge talent development company that uses a game-based approach to teach business strategies and tactics. He is a respected speaker, author, teacher, coach, manager and entrepreneur whose work has impacted the lives of thousands.

His clients develop their leadership skills through better strategic thinking and decision making. Keynote speeches, corporate “university” classes, conference meetings, executive retreats, and hands-on workshops are part of his speaking services. By combining MBA-level business content and using the game of chess, he builds a mindset of skills his clients can use for a lifetime. His #1 Best-Selling book Business on the Board, expands on his speaking and training services.

He has a degree in math from NlU and a MBA in finance from Illinois Institute of Technology.

He speaks on:

  • Leadership
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Talent Development
  • “Revealing the Power of Chess to the World of Business”