Angie Engstrom

Angie EngstromHumans make life too hard.

Awesome Angie Engstrom brings simplicity to the complex issues of business and personal life.

Her experience as an Elite Athlete and Fitness Professional, Landscape Designer and Contractor, Professional Organizer, along with navigating the drug-free survival of postpartum depression has led to a unique mastery of simplicity promoting well being that has manifested into an incredibly entertaining and enlightening
message that has impacted thousands of lives.

Awesome Angie brings a message that inspires everyone from
working women, to student athletes to young mothers to CEO’s.
From her practical knowledge to her profound personal insights,
she exudes contagious energy that inspires self-leadership and

She is a rare blend of visionary, designer, and coach with the
ability to speak to her truth, while touching the wisdom of our

There is an unshakable mission in Awesome Angie’s soul to
instigate change, empower, and impact others to achieve more in
less time so that they can live their life on purpose for greater
productivity and play.

Using her Oasis Environment Process, she’ll strip you right to the
core in a loving, compassionate way that sends you on your way
energized and excited about your next step.

Awesome Angie is a mother, wife and businesswoman whose
desire is to be fully engaged in every aspect of her life.

She is the best-selling author of Overcoming Mediocrity. You can
pre-order her next book, Getting Yourself Unstuck. She is also the
creator of the Achieving More business seminars, workshops and
coaching programs.

Awesome Angie lives in Downers Grove, Illinois with her husband,
Mike, son, Michael, and schnauzer, Austin. She is known in her
community as Awesome Angie because she honors the
awesomeness in you.

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