Mike Brown


Michael Brown is a Milwaukee native, born and raised on Milwaukee’s northwest side. He is a graduate from Harold S. Vincent High School and attended the University of Notre Dame where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and majored in Management Information Systems.

While at Notre Dame Michael was involved with numerous extracurricular activities, but none that brought more attention than when he was named the first ever African-American mascot for the University of Notre Dame, the Leprechaun. As the leprechaun, Michael was an ambassador for the University. He was the Master of Ceremonies for all pep rallies, majority of which had crowds as large as 14,000 people. He motivated others by spreading high level of energy, enthusiasm, and excitement. He’s had interviews and appearances on NBC, CBS, ABC, ESPN, and was featured in GQ Magazine, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, USA Today, and JET Magazine.