Joanne Telser-Frere


Joanne Telser-Frere joined NeuroQuest, Ltd. in July 2010 as Co-Director of the CogFit-Quest training program, after living most of her adult life abroad. She is a professional trainer and speaker who has had many years of experience in the training field, and has written and taught programs in France, Egypt and Qatar. In France Joanne created customized programs and trained employees in companies such as Renault Automobiles, Thales International and IBM. In Egypt she taught students at the American University of Cairo and wrote for a local newsletter for the English speaking community.

Her work in Qatar ranged from developing and teaching programs at the French School to working as a bilingual-journalist for the State Radio station, producing television programs for Qatar Television and writing for local newspapers, magazines and websites.

Joanne specializes in the dynamics of group training and has developed and facilitated many programs to train executive trainers.