About Our Club

We are a resource for both businesses and organizations seeking professional speakers, and speakers.

For Prospective Members
The people who join Windy City Professional Speakers Toastmasters Club have two qualities:

They speak or train professionally or in relation to their careers (or would like to someday), and they already have basic speaking skills (such as the ability to organize a speech, use the voice and body well, and feel comfortable in front of a group)
If this sounds like you, the next step is to come visit us. You can meet other members and learn how the group has helped develop their skills.

If you like what you see, the next step is to schedule an “icebreaker” audition. Your icebreaker is a 5-7 minute speech describing the professional speaking/training you do (or plan to do). You are welcome to include anything else about yourself, including what you love and enjoy. During the icebreaker speech the club members observe if you have the basic speaking skills and seem comfortable in front of a group.

The members review your performance to determine whether you meet the criteria or need more practice before auditioning again. You will be notified of their verdict later that week.

Once you’re a member there will be opportunities for you to sign up for speaking opportunities at future meetings. After you give a presentation the club gives about 15 minutes of feedback. The feedback is facilitated with oral and written comments. Usually our President brings a video recorder, so speeches and feedback can be recorded at your request.

How is this different from most Toastmasters? For a regular Toastmaster club, a person does not need any speaking skills to join. Feedback after a speech is usually from one member for about 3 minutes. Some people join our club and a regular club.